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Problem description Reason analysis Solution
Bubbles or lack of film Lack of vacuum degree, vacuum bag’s leak Change or repair vacuum bag to ensure vacuum system work well
Lacks of vacuum time Longer the vacuum time according to the process craft for reference
Film wets Lower the warehouse humidity
EVA film contaminated Keep EVA film clean, no use film  contaminated by oil,dust or other chemical substances
Taking out of laminated glass from oven when the temperature more than 60~70 ℃ Longer vacuum time  till the glass surface temperature lowered to below  60℃
Temperature raises too fast slow down heating temperature speed of the first time  
Process temperature too high Control well oven’s temperature base on actual size of the laminated glass
Low adhesion strength or Edge grinding permeating water Low heating temperature or short of keep time of heating temperature Adjust heating temperature and its keeping time according to the process craft
Glass surface not clean Clean the glass ensure it dry and  not contaminated by oil and dust
Surrounding humidity is too high Dry the glass
EVA film contaminated by oil or chemical substances like alcohol Change clean EVA film
EVA film out of use Ensure the storage environment, use it asap once opened or seal it if not used out.  Please make small sample to ensure its adhesiveness if stock of long time
Not very clear EVA film is seriously affected by damp. The film should be stored in dry and low temperature environment(the temperature needs less than 30℃or less than 25℃ ). For the film which is seriously affected by damp, you can cool and dry the film.
The temperature of the glass does not reach the temperature required by the processing craft or the glass heating hour is not enough. Have a good control of the temperature of the glass. According to the products’ specification, adjust the processing craft appropriately.
The heating temperature is uneven.  Find the reason why the heating temperature of the glass is uneven and make it even.
Turning yellow Product formulation problem Change EVA film
high humidity and temperature to store the film Improve the storage environment, Increase the dehumidifier or cooling equipment
The film has been stored for too long. Do not use the expired EVA film.


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